A white, presumably male Bernie supporter is a “bro” at least in part because acknowledging your statement about people of color with an implication to modify his future usage wasn’t enough. He also owed an apology?

For what?

Being wrong?

How was he wrong? Because you say so? Who are you again?

So, “non-white people” is a thing, but “people of color” isn’t?

I’ve never doubted that it’s impossible for whites to correctly signify other ethnicities to everyone’s satisfaction &/or sense of justice. That’s not a big deal. Just a reality. After all, that Bernie-supporting correspondent was destined to be a “bro” no matter what he wrote. Again, no big deal.

But soon enough another Medium writer will insist that “non-white people”, or whatever ultimate signification winds up in the queue, is gross, racist & insulting. What this really amounts to is just an stfu to whites because, let’s face it, we’ll never get it right.

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