Beautifully written. My compliments on your strength of character. So many people are inclined to submit blindly to authority.

I'm reminded of the case of David Eckert in New Mexico—after being stopped for running through a parking lot stop sign, police decided Eckert must be carrying drugs in his anus. They obtained a warrant, took him to a local hospital, where doctors refused to touch him because he didn't consent. They they transported him to a hospital in another county, which meant the warrant was no longer valid.

Nevertheless doctors & nurses subjected him to numerous exams, enemas, x-rays & ultimately a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy to seek drugs he supposed carried in his anus!?

Officers watched the procedures, commenting all along. After Eckert was discharged with no drugs found, he received a bill from the hospital for the treatment.

Naturally the officers received no punishment. Even more surprising the attending physician & nurse continue to practice. Eckert, incidentally, is white, the attending who ordered all of the tests is Black.

My theory is that Eckert couldn't believe he was being pulled over for blowing a parking lot stop sign, acted in a way the cops interpreted as disrespect & they decided to teach him a lesson.

I honestly didn't realize that ERs were presented with that many demands to examine unwilling suspects, sans warrant or court order. Thank goodness you had the strength to stand against this one.

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