Cool list. I guess you've seen Apocalypse Now! on the big screen.

It makes me appreciate having grown up in LA with its generous array of art & revival theaters. I've seen all but Napoleon on the big screen.

One choice, The Apartment, always seemed small screen friendly to me. But then nearly any film from Hollywood's classic & golden age looks better, is more involving, on the big screen. In fact, my wife & I got to see Griffith's Way Down East in a theatre with orchestra performing the original score.

I have particular affection for The Godfather, because it came out when I was 15 or 16. It was playing at our neighborhood theater, within walking distance to my home. I went by myself, even knowing it was rated R, under 17 must be accompanied....

As I approached the ticket box, I noticed a small group of high school acquaintances standing off to one side. Clearly they had tried to buy tickets, but were rejected for not-having-their-id-with-them. They were cool kids. Way, way cooler than me. I nodded hello as I went past, figuring I'd also get rejected.

No. The girl passed me a ticket. No questions asked. Without a backwards glance I went inside, knowing they were watching my back. My one chance to be just a little bit cooler, compliments of Vito Corleone & Francis Ford Coppola.

Great movie, too....

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