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  • David Asch

    David Asch

    Product Development Executive and Founder of https://10xPrinciples.com. Writer of technical stuff, health & fitness, and humor.

  • Jennifer Fernandez

    Jennifer Fernandez

    Cuban-American writer who writes short stories and some nonfiction. (she/her/hers)

  • Elizabeth Catos

    Elizabeth Catos

    Writes about parenting, career and motivation. Keen explorer and mostly on the right track. Remember — persistence is the key and always try try again.

  • Christian T. Roll

    Christian T. Roll

    Pastor. Church of the Redeemed Whore | Using Christ’s Word to Stop evilutionists and abortionists. God’s grace saves even the likes of you!

  • Russell post where Democrats cry

    Russell post where Democrats cry

  • Max Klein

    Max Klein

    Family Man. Leader. 3x Top Writer. MBA Strategy and Management. Marine Corps Veteran. Winemaker. emaxklein@icloud.com

  • Dani Rene

    Dani Rene

    Not my first time at this rodeo. Professional writer for 20+ years. | Find me on Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/dani1970 or my website: http://danispace.com

  • Erica J

    Erica J

    Hi! I’m an essayist, colorista, and poet. I write to purge my thoughts. Please visit my podcast: https://itsericajean.podbean.com/

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