Great piece, Marley.

I have a suggestion: instead of, or in addition to, watching, vote. Really. According to Pew Research Black voter participation fell for the first time in 2016, by 7%.

Trump certainly has doubled down with overtly racist appeals to white voters. But he's also playing on everyone's fear of anarchy & the rise of violent crime. It's not necessarily racist to vote against these perceived trends.

It seems possible that Biden's lead in the polls might have a similar effect to Hillary's, producing complacency. Combine that with Trump's likely suppresive shenanigans, & every vote will be essential.

And, this: "With the way 2020 is going, Justice Ruth Ginsburg (who should have retired while Obama was in office so he could replace her but she refused because — well, selfish White people shit)" ... is that really fair? Who could have anticipated Trump taking the Electoral College in '16? Even if she had retired, the Senate could have treated Obama's replacement as they did Merrick Garland. At least now there's a chance Biden rather than Trump will nominate her replacement.

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