Hard to understand some of this reaction, given that the article focuses on Allen’s egregiously stupid comment on #metoo & not especially on the Farrow allegations. Allen’s alleged link to #metoo is based largely on Dylan Farrow’s attempt to revive the urgency of her allegations with a 2014 open letter. Whatever did or didn’t happen, Allen has more in common with Ray Buckey than Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby.

When the Farrow allegations were first revealed, people who knew Allen claimed he was a naif about press coverage; he didn’t follow media as it pertained to him, had very little idea what people said.

Given that his #metoo comment actually trumps Trump’s Charlottesville reaction for tone deafness, it’s a shame he didn’t remain above the fray.

Personally I think it’s very likely that he never touched Dylan. As Buckey once told 60 Minutes, some of the McMartin kids were undoubtedly abused — it was a sad, statistical likelihood. But not, of course, by him. I think the same might be true of Dylan. But, either way, his best course was to remain silent. Because there’s no way to talk yourself out of something like this. He should know that. Remain silent, & count your blessings. As others might never again work in the Industry, he’s been able to continue to shoot & release pictures.

He’s been called out before, but always came back. Perhaps he’ll do so again. But only if he can stop & get out of his own way here.

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