Hmm, not MRA here, but likely to be dismissed as such, I know.

I was surprised to learn, some years ago, that research into the first oral contraceptive, funded by Planned Parenthood was initially done with the object of creating a pill for men.

Planned Parenthood objected. The pill would be for women, they insisted.*

Think it through a moment … suppose you had a daughter. You’re giving her The Talk. Do you say, “Okay, sure, if your guy says ‘It’s all good, I’m on the pill’, then knock yourself out, because he can be trusted”?

Not, I hope, in a million years.

Nature, not patriarchy, dictates that women bear the brunt of gestation & childbirth. (I guess God really is a guy, after all) Doesn’t it make sense for them to be ones to take lead in protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancies?

Of course this doesn’t excuse guys who lie about wearing condoms, or lie about being sterile or having had vasectomies, or pull any other bullshit. I think a guy should always protect himself & his inamorata from STDs & unwanted pregnancies as well. & I have no sympathy for those cry-babies who piss & moan about women who have the power to force them to pay child support by not getting an abortion. They could always have kept it zipped.

That, incidentally, is also the power that anti-abortion men have over abortion. Want abortions to stop? Easy. Stop making women pregnant.

But, please don’t carry on as though the pill is some great sacrifice for women. It’s necessary. You can’t, or shouldn’t, rely on others to protect you from this most intimate of intrusions … a stranger in your womb. If current forms carry too many side effects, demand makers improve them. I don’t know if it’s true that oral birth control for men has been stopped in its tracks because of side effects, but if it’s true, &, by implication, men refused to endure these side effects, doesn’t it make more sense to emulate our example rather than just point a finger?

So yeah, mansplaining over & back to your regularly-scheduled programming

*my source was David Halberstam’s The Fifties, of which I don’t have a copy handy, or I would have listed the names of the researchers … of course maybe Halberstam’s MRA & shouldn’t be trusted, either.

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