Hmmm, I always understood "white" in the present context to stand for European, in much the same way "black" signifies African. Obviously not all people of European descent are fair-skinned, anymore than all Africans are especially dark.

No white food, no white music?

Seems like playing semantical monte here. White pride? Why? Of what? I'm white, through no doing of my own. I'm also 6'1". That's an excellent height for a man, in most instances. Again, not through any action on my part. I didn't submit to the rack as a youngster, or scarf my Wheaties.

These are just incidental facts. Denying the former won't make anyone's life better.

Those who do indulge white pride & babble on about this or that "traitor to the race" seem unlikely to accept your proposal. But then people can surprise. I recall being directed to a series of website by some neo-Confederate types during yet another silly debate. Those sites were dedicted to southern yahoos celebrating their pride at the "British heritage". Nothing about "white pride" per se. So maybe they did take you up on your suggestion. I reckon Idris Elba knew well enough not to apply.

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