I don't know what's going to happen wrt Rittenhouse. But I was 17 once myself, & I don't buy for a moment that Kyle had any passion to protect property. He sought action. And he found it. Or it found him.

Regarding Floyd, there are many on the right who are just fine with Chauvin. They go on about what a lowlife Floyd was, & how neck restraints are "taught in MPD academy" (if they are, it's as a form of a deadly force), & so must be okay. People have an amazing ability to rationalize any police use of force. These deadly consequences don't always fall on black folk, but I'm glad Black Lives Matter took up the protest. I don't have to agree with every statement they make or every action they do. But I'll never understand why white conservatives sometimes imply moral superiority when comparing a dubious use of force against a black person with one involving a white. "You don't see anyone protesting for the white guy!" they complain. As though complacency were somehow the high road here?

Incidentally, I haven't kept up with Marley K because she blocked me after I made an innocuous comment after praising one of her articles. Not a great loss, overall.

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