I don't know what the long-range future might look like, but one good start in the right direction is to stop equating a victim's ("suspect" to police) mistake to a cop's overreaction.

E.g., I was surprised to learn, recently, the degree to which Sandra Bland actually did comply with Encinia's commands. She didn't refuse to put out her cigarette; she didn't refuse to do anything. She just asked why. And that was too much for this nuisance & predator in blue. It still led to a brutal arrest & abusive over-charging that left her to sit in jail when she never should have been stopped in the first place.

When I proved these facts to a conservative acquaintance, one who constantly preaches "liberty!" he sputtered in turn: "Well, she hesitated [in following his commands]." So much for liberty.

Bland, of course, didn't make any mistakes. Encinia reportedly made some 1600 similar stops over the past year. Any motorist who didn't express some outrage over that behavior isn't doing their job as a citizen.

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