I have to say that I've a fair amount of push back to Chappelle's "space Jews" comments. Clearly he was trying to make a point about Zionism, rather clumsily. But then jokes tend to lack nuance.

Wrt here on Medium, I respect Allison Gaines's writing, but she is a bit of propagandist. Recently she wrote a piece denouncing Lincoln largely because of his push to colonize freed slaves. Ironically I believe he thought it necessary because of the book of Exodus, where Israrelites don't even wait for the bread to rise before hitting the road. How do a people enslaved, then given their freedom ever integrate into the society that enslaved them? Has it ever happened? And if he needed any reinforcement, Grant's silly order expelling Jews from Paducah, KY, the only time in US history any official ban on Jews has taken place might serve to remind him.

Getting back to Chappelle, most sources agree that Palestine was 90 - 95 % gentile at the turn of the 20th century. Personally, as a Zionist myself, I don't blame the Arabs for not wanting a growing immigration of Jews there. But I blame Jews even less for acknowledging the need for a homeland. It was something that simply had to be. And, as it happened, nearly came too late. The story is not always pretty. But Israel has come to stay, regardless of what a comedian in the US has to say about it. Chappelle is often quite brilliant & hard hitting. On this one he misfired. It happens. Let him be criticized; let there be pushback. No need to cancel him into the outer zones of anonymity.

We'll manage. So will he...

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