I haven't seen the docu, don't know when I might. Does it imply or conclude that Woody started with Soon Yi before she was 18? If so, that's news to me.

And I take it there is another woman accusing him of having sex with her while she was underage?

I wrote about the Allen/Farrow case from a different angle last summer. My perspective was, truth notwithstanding, were Dylan's allegations legitimately part of the #metoo movement? Granted her brother co-founded it, but piling on as she did implied that new information, or additional allegations had been levied (which hadn't at that point). It was, then, still the same allegation, with the same back & forth.

I also thought that in calling out particular actors she & Ronan were playing the bullies. Pretending to speak truth to power when they are actually the power.

Anyway, I know the piece became inadvertantly, a defense of Allen, which I hadn't intended. Ironically critical responses claimed I hadn't defended Allen enough if you can believe that.

Finally, in one defense of Allen, surely we're both old enough to remember that in the 70s & early 80s ages of consent were though passe & patriarchal. When I was in high school most of the hottest girls dated older guys, in college & beyond. I don't think anything thought there was anything criminal going on.

All I'm saying is this is the context of Allen's characters during his heyday.

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