I recognize white male privilege. It's hard to miss. Loathe as I am to critize another Katz, I have to question the assertions that men never think about personal safety & never think about women's risk of physical harm.

Anyone who's walked alone at night would have to be utterly without imagination not to have concerns over the possibility of being assaulted, robbed or worse.

I spent most of my life in big cities. It's par for the course.

And while men might not realize the extent of women's fear, imagine you're in the office, working late, & a female colleague is leaving, isn't pretty standard for her male colleagues to offer to walk her to her car, or call security to walk her? That's just one example.

And why does Katz assume women in general are at greatest risk from white men?

Look, there are some important issues here. No one should have to fear the police, or have their every move watched by the authorities, or go to inferior schools, or live in shitty neighborhoods, etc. But some of Katz's presentation seems like a simple piling on without much consideration.

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