I think I at least understand what you're expressing here without having experienced it myself. Philando Castile, in particular, was egregious because he had so many citations & warrants pertaining to licensure & registration, but relatively few moving violations.

In short, why was he being stopped & his license scrutinized so often if not for DWB?

But, I have to add there are differences between say, Lt. Nazario, Daunte Wright & George Floyd. Nazario should never have come into contact with police because he was driving a legally-puchased car with new car tags. No one in their right mind believes that BS about the windows, & driving slowly to a well-lighted, public place is something motorists driving alone, especially at night, have done for years, because the folks trying to pull you over are not always bona fide PD. What was especially outrageous about that incident was Guitierrez wouldn't have been fired but for the publicity it finally generated.

Daunte Wright was a little bit different. He had expired registration tags. Police, unless on they're on their way to a hot robbery-in-progress call, will pull anyone over for that. Then there's the warrant. I've been there myself. Of course they'll arrest. And of course police never, never let a suspect re-enter car or dwelling under those circumstances. Equally obvious he should not have been shot. There was no excuse for that & I hope Potter does time for it.

An individual's mistake does not justify the cop's overreaction to it.

I won't comment on George Floyd because I don't know what was going through his mind when he fought placement in the back of the squad cruiser. Equally obvious, however, was that Chauvin had no business whatever using a deadly-force hold on him, not even for a moment, much less nearly ten minutes.

I'm glad you have escaped harm from these encounters, & hope you continue to do so. I was also happy to read about the trooper helping you with the tire. I've seen that happen, too. Bearing in mind how dangerous the side of a highway can be to a stalled vehicle, he might have saved you & your family some serious grief. Authentic police reform might start with cops being rewarded for acts like that, rather than pinning medals on the guy who shot the most suspects. Many cops say they get into the field to "help people". Let's start taking them at their word.

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