I think I see this from both sides, especially after looking closely at the case of Sandra Bland. She did not resist arrest or even refuse any of Encinias's commands, but she ask did questions & express her outrage. Why not? Demanding quiet acquiescence is asking a lot. Too much. Unfortunately Encinias flipped out, figured he could get away with teaching this uppity bitch a lesson & he did. Almost.

I've had encounters with PD too. But I don't think we can realize how incredibly difficult it must be to experience this over & over again. Recall it's not that long ago when Henry Louis Gates, Jr was arrested for being rude to a cop. Rather than being fired the cop met with Obama & Gates for the infamous Beer Summit. That the cop, Crowley, believed police are owed deference & felt he had the right to arrest someone for failing to demonstrate it was not seen as the utter outrage it was.

The ACLU provides several excellent videos on how to treat with police during encounters. Cops love when people give them shit on the street. Nearly all of their training deals with overcoming it & punishing the offender. What they hate, is when people come at them after the fact, administratively & with lawyers. But that's no easy to do. If Bland & family couldn't come up with $500 for bail in three days, how likely are they to afford an attorney?

Floyd was probably a bit high & claustrophobic as well. In my younger days I worked psych, dealt with many violent, psychotic individuals, worked restraint teams. If I had done what Chauvin did, even if no permanent injury resulted, I'd have been fired, possibly arrested & lost my license. I realize you're not taking his side here. Nor do I think you're really blaming the victim. But I do see an implication that Floyd somehow compelled Chauvin's actions. He didn't. There was no excuse for what Chauvin & co. did. All they had to do was stand back & let Floyd settle down. Or maybe leave it to paramedics. He was handcuffed, after all.

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