I think it's clear that cops like Brian Encinias, who stopped & arrested Sandra Bland, should never have been on patrol. His method of stopping her—driving behind her, then pulling up fast as if called on a sudden emergency—encouraged her to change lanes to get out of his way, when she didn't signal, he pulls her over.

She was outraged. Who wouldn't be?

As I recall Encinias had done more than 1000 of these pretextual stops in the past year. My right wing friends say, See, proof it wasn't racist. He did it to everybody!

Yeah.... Maybe not.

They miss the point. As a cop Encinias was a nuisance & a predator. He should have been corrected or fired long before Bland. Getting him out shouldn't have cost her life.

When Scottsdale PD officer James Peters murdered (not a term I use lightly, but appropriate here) John Loxas, he had already shot six other people, killed five. Loxas was his sixth. Six kills in 12 years! Scottsdale PD, of course found the Loxas killing in policy—it was yet another cell-phone-mistaken-for-firearm instance—but finally put Peters out to pasture, with full pension. Peters now works for VirTra, a company that trains police in deadly force encounters. I'm enclosing the link to POLICE magazine's article because both the article & comments are instructive.

But of course my point is Encinias & Peters displayed huge red flags over a long period of time, one a nuisance another a killer, & nothing was done.


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