I thought Al Aliwi was a white man. How does being from Syria or being, at least nominally Muslim, make one not white?

Your tweet, however, was inaccurate. Per one site, Statista.com, which I admittedly haven't had time to vet, out of 121 mass shooting incidents in the US, 66 were perpetrated by whites, 21 by black shooters. That's more than 30%. Off the top of my head, I have to ask, wasn't John Muhammad (sp?) the Beltway sniper, black?

So the second "always" in your tweet was particularly egregious, especially when taken in light of your job title & position as a journalist.

As for the rest, I agree with the majority of respondents who find your account tendentious & self-serving. You succumbed to an excess of virtue? Of being too good a person & doing your job too well?

Didn't you read this before posting? Didn't the tone ring any alarm bells?

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