If the author is really, as she implies, of supermodel aspect, then she has no idea what it’s like always being rejected out of hand in the dating scene. Decrying that isn’t the same as feeling entitled, anymore than anger at being rejected for a particular job because you’re a woman means that you felt entitled to the job, regardless.

I’ve been there. At social events, in the workplace … guy shows up, so beautiful you can cry; he’s just a lost little boy who’s sleeping in his car. He draws the girls the way pollen draws the bee. When he moves on, leaving them broke & suffering painful urination, they say, “Men!”

I say, No. You. Your choice.

Agree that Bundy wasn’t all that. Compare him to other serial killers — Gacy, Speck, Ridgeway, Toole, Berkowitz — & yeah, his demeanor didn’t scream “I’m a greatly disturbed individual on the prowl!” So that put him ahead of the pack.

An incel? I don’t really know what that is. Maybe…

But wasn’t it Ann Rule who made him (& herself) internationally famous? Then Bundy went to his grave knowing radical anti-porn feminists would be quoting him & citing his alleged moral corruption from a pornography addiction. How ironic is that?

It seems as though the men you encounter are schnooks. Too bad. If it helps any, I’m not your ally, don’t want to be. You don’t owe me a damned thing, but I don’t owe you anything, either. Want to keep abortion safe, legal & most importantly, available? Yeah, ’cause keeping Sam out of your sex life keeps him out of mine. Equal pay? Sure. ’Cause I’ve been on the wrong side of that myself.

& so on…

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