Interesting piece. I'm no especial Piers Morgan fan. I've always found him pedantic. But, following the link you provided to the column re Meghan's father, I found it rather well-balanced. He acknowledges that Thomas made some awful choices that understandably infuriated the couple, especially Harry. And, of course, Thomas didn't attend the wedding, allegedly because of a heart condition being aggravated by the sudden influx of paparazzi in his life. And therein lies the cruz, according to Morgan, Thomas has received no support from the couple after suddenly becoming a target for the press through no deeds of his own.

Morgan also acknowledges the triviality of his relationship with Meghan & the nature of his pique at her ending of if. He calls it "whining". Had I just read this one column, I might conclude Morgan had a balanced attitude re the couple. But your analysis demonstrates an ugly undercurrent going on with him. The man is plainly obsessed.

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