Interesting piece.

I wrote a Medium essay, "Where is the 'too' in Dylan Farrow's #me?" essentially questioning whether or not her accusations against Woody Allen really belong in the #metoo movement. In contrast to the accounts by multiple women against powerful men, Dylan's accusations have never been echoed by other alleged victims.

As the several attorneys who have commented point out, they're really more sui generis of divorce & custody battles (which doesn't, of course, make them false).

I think, too, Dylan & Ronan are playing the bully a bit by naming those celebrities who haven't cut ties with Allen based on her accusation. They portray themselves as speaking truth to power when under the present circumstances it seems to be they who have the power.

Finally, I think you have to ponder the irony of demanding that women be believed while assuming that Soon Yi Previn is evidently not to be believed. I can't see her staying with Allen this long if he had groomed her or transgressed with her in some way. I think her presence with him is testimony as vivid as Dylan's. If Allen's defenders are gaslighting abuse victims & their advocates, are his accusers not doing the same to her?

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