LOL, this is going way beyond the original subject. There's more here than I could possibly address. For sure you'd have to rewrite the Constitution to enact some of the reforms you propose.

Best luck with that:)

Wrt to IQ in Africa, however, I recall the conservative writer Thomas Sowell writing that IQ is mutable. It changes with standard of living, as people have more leisure to devote to pursuits that sharpen the intellect rather than just putting food on the table.

Case in point was the Chinese early in the 20th century did not test particularly high in intellegence. Granted the methodologies for measuring intellegence have changed over the years, so some comparisons might be apples v. oranges, but for me it's part of why I don't put too much stock in measured IQ (& I'm an Ashkenazi Jew, top of the pile:).

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