Look, I don't want to be another Rick here, but when you write "rightly fearing for his life" [he fled], this is exactly like running from a mad dog when you should be facing him calmly. I agree he was in a dangerous situation, but fleeing ... how are they not going to run him down at that point?

It is disturbing that LASD has no bodycams & can't or won't articulate why they stopped in in the first place. Conservatives fail to realize that if police followed them around the way they do POC & Black people in particular they'd have long records, too. People forget that in big cities there are more laws on the books than anyone really knows, & this gives cops tremendous discretion on who to stop & cite or arrest.

Still, I think he ran because he was a felon with a gun. When I drove a cab in LA there were robberies where the cabby was taken out & shot in the head. None, of course were ever solved. Though it was illegal, I carried a gun for awhile. I stopped after I realized how nervous I felt in the presence of a cop (& I'm not a felon). I can only imagine how Dijon must have felt with the deputies zeroed in on him.

The ACLU produces several videos detailing strategies for how to deal with being stopped by the police. Some them might help others.