Much as I appreciate your comments, I'm not sure where you find toxic masculinity in my response. I was struck primarily by the assumptions (or perhaps speculations) contained in two of the comments. In particular the assumption that the only the author noticed or felt concern for the fallen teen.

Toxic feminism ... is that a thing?

Or just bias?

Then I realized the author had also made an assumption. One I'd agree with 100% if she'd been walking or jogging. But I think the bicycle adds a degree of complexity to the interaction. Not much. I agree 95% with her assumption that whatever the teen yelled it wasn't nice. I'm also glad she prepared for the worst & took precautions.

I did get some schooling in the concern women feel while out in public. I left nursing in the 90s to pursue photo journalism. During the LA Riots I got the crap beaten out of me, my equipment taken. The only work I could get subsequently was shooting family portraits, which brought me to South-Central, Watts, Carson ... areas with high crime rates, but which also constituted the best markets for that kind of work. Gradually I came to realize that people there knew why I was there & they meant me no harm.

Still, I had a few heart-stopping moments.

I appreciate the privilege of being able to move about when & where, for the most part, I choose. I try to give back in a small way by crossing streets when I find myself following a lone woman on the sidewalk at night.

Interestingly you mention the possibility of gay male feminist setting guys like that straight (lol!), but I've always believed showing respect and treatomg women in public with discretion constitutes enlightened self-interest. Like most cis-gendered men I greatly appreciate the sight of attractive women in public spaces. Why would I do anything at all to make them feel uncomfortable, less likely to appear thus? It makes no sense.

This is the argument I would make to teens in that situation: while demonstrating their heterosexuality to one-another, they're doing violence to that which they profess to value.

LA born & raised, now I live upstate. I hate snow. I write on healthcare, politics & history. Hobbies are woodworking & singing Xmas carols with nonsense lyrics

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