Not trying to minimize the impact of slavery for black Americans. Not at all. I was just addressing the issue of whites believing they would die before being enslaved. Matter of fact, I have a better, more recent analgoy: the Holocaust. People who learn about it argue they would have fought back, however hopelessly, rather than acquiesce to being stripped & herded into gas chambers, or lined up & shot.

Who knows ... maybe they're right.

Interesting, I just read Sowell. I agree that how come no one cares about modern slavery? argument is very unsatisfactory. Black Americans also suffered from decades of additional, intentional handicaps, robbery & barriers to success. So it's not just slavery.

Wrt Parker, I'm just repeating what I heard when The Birth of a Nation was released. What went down on the IMDB boards, etc... Yes, he was acquitted, but didn't the accuser wind up taking her life?

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