“Power is never given; it must always be taken!” said Democratic Congressional nominee Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez a few nights ago at Our Wicked Lady’s celebration for her fellow DSA candidate, NYS Senatorial hopeful, Julia Salazar.

A familiar maxim, sure. But ponder it for a moment.

We’re told how unfair it is that the onus be placed on women (or people of color) to educate intentionally dense white males about unequal distribution of skills, authority, education, etc. endemic in our society. Yet, if being taught basic mechanical skills, or shown examples of how to assert one’s opinion in a group setting, or being provided with gainful employment at an earlier age are examples of power, then unless Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is wrong, they must always be taken. They will never be handed over in any meaningful, useful manner.


Maybe not.

“It’s not fair that she gets to decide what to do with the baby!” some MRA type men gripe.

“Fair’s got nothing to do with it,” I respond. “That’s biology. Nothing more.”

And … you could always chose to keep it zipped.

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