Some very good points. I can only imagine how disconcerting it must have been for Liz to find herself unexpectedly pregnant … in Utah.

It’s a great soundbite, insisting that no one who doesn’t have a uterus has the right to an opinion re abortion. But that kind of thinking alienates men who are pro-choice, and, more egregiously, implies that an all or majority female legislature restricting abortion would be just fine.

Sure, there are lots of men, mainly white heterosexual Christian men, at the fore of the anti-abortion, but there’s more at play than a simple binary men-pro-life/women-pro-choice. Isn’t the governor of Alabama signing the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion laws a woman?

& fervent right to lifer?

& frankly, I don’t care how much like me in physiology & psychology you might be, you’re not restricting my rights, anymore than I’d restrict yours.

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