Sorry. Calling BS on this defense of Serena (who did, in all fairness, support Osaka graciously). The “angry Black woman” trope appears as a preemptive strike against the impending wave of valid criticism that follows such an event.

Ironically, another essayist evoked a Federer argument from ’09 during which he was not sanctioned by line judges to show that all men all the time are treated different from all women all the time. Yet the link provided here shows Ramos sanctioned … the very same Federer.

So maybe Federer’s a dick who ought not to have disrupted the match with that first sanction for something so minor, but it was his prerogative.

What really bothers Serena’s defenders is the degree of entitlement she displayed in that match — how dare she get fined & penalized for smashing her racket & calling the judge a “thief”! Clearly the sport requires more racket smashing & abuse of judges.

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