That was a hideous incident. The victim, I believe, reacted to an unconsious reflex keeping his shorts pulled up. The officer should have seen at that point that he was not armed. There was no place to conceal a weapon based on what he was wearing. I honestly believe the shooting was one reflex in response to another: The officer probably had his finger on the trigger, in contravention to long-established weapons policies. Nevertheless he was able to argue "credible threat®" & so no indictment.

I wrote of another, even more hideously inappropriate killing, of John Loxas, by a sniper who already had six shootings & five kills to his credit. This is in Scottsdale AZ, not Chicago or East St Louis. That officer subsequently retired on a medical pension & went to work for a company that trains police officers in shoot/no shoot situations using electric shocks to train them to take the shot, always take the shot.

I do have to say, however, that incidents of police brutality impact people of color at rates far above their proportional representation in society.

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