That's a fair point, Martin. Really is. But what does that leave us? Many of the finest artists were also pricks in their personal lives. John Lennon punched a woman & cheated on his wife; Beethoven mistreated his nephew/son to the point where he shot himself; Wagner ... do I even have to go there? Picasso was horrible to the women in his life, etc...

Of course, they're dead, so maybe the issue isn't as pressing?

I just don't see a world where vetting artistic quality by their personal behavior would benefit anyone—the consumer or the producer.

Suppose instead we hold them accountable where possible?

After all, I don't have a list in front of me, but I'm pretty sure the movies Harvey Weinstein produced still get play, even though he's in prison. Roman Polanski's films are still appreciated even though he's a fugitive from US justice.

Depending on the circumstances, Page might still be prosecuted for sex with a minor. But avoiding the undoubted genius of Led Zeppelin? That punishes me for something someone else did.

(In fact, it's ironic to bring up the film industry, because it has a history of protecting bad men while punishing others who, in many instances, were acquitted by juries, from Fatty Arbuckle to Nate Parker.)

I just bought my first CD set of the entire Ring cycle. It's genius that nearly transcends the human. Every time I listen to it, however, I think of what an awful human being Dick Wagner was.

Sorry, but that's about the best I can do.

LA born & raised, now I live upstate. I hate snow. I write on healthcare, politics & history. Hobbies are woodworking & singing Xmas carols with nonsense lyrics

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