That's an interesting perspective, one I haven't heard expressed so frankly before.

Definitely bears thought.

When I was younger, before I met the woman who decided to endure me for the past forty years, I'd largely agree about being broke & locked out of sex.

But I'm not certain I would have seen financial status as a prime denominator in how men obtain sex with the most attractive women/girls. E.g. once, at a B'nai Brith social I was introduced to some girls, really hot (this was still high school incidentally). Suddenly standing next to me is an Israeli dude, my age, in country for a visit. He's tall, bronzed & utterly handsome. This is say 1974, too.

At that moment you could have mistaken me for Claude Raines so invisible did I become. Didn't seem to matter that tall-bronzed-Israeli-dude turned out to be a complete idiot, either. The girls were all over him.

Some years later I worked as an NA making minimum. A guy, Dean, starts working at our facility. He's not tall, but bronzed & beautiful. The other NAs & nurses & just women in general couldn't get enough of Dean. He'd fuck the hottest women around on his lunch break. Dean never paid for a thing in his life. When he moved on, he'd leave them broken hearted, broke & urinating painfully. "Men!" they'd say.


Yes & no. I think some women, many women, respond to the beautiful lost, little boy with a beautiful face & an indefatigueable dick. They see what he is, but their sake he'll change.

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