"...the harming of black bodies is always easily justified."

Yes. When people throw rocks & bottles at police. It certainly is.

Sorry. When I saw the title of this, I was hoping for authentic insight into one of the most egregiously wrong shootings since Tamir Rice. Not only did Castile lose his life, but his daughter was endangered, horrified, & Diamond Reynolds proned out, cuffed & kept in custody for hours, for no reason. Then our intelligence is insulted with the pro forma duo of "he resembled a burglary suspect" &, from Yanez: "I was sure I was going to die right then!"

Particularly hurtful in the aftermath was the right's contention that Reynolds must be some conniving schemer to so coldly record her boyfriend's final moments, already thinking ahead to settlement. That she had the presence of mind to do the one thing that made Philando's death impossible to ignore, while not putting herself or her child under Yanez's gun fails to register with the pro-police side.

But the author not caring about rocks & glass being thrown at police doesn't mean other people don't. Surely we can see it plays right into their strategy, providing pretext to overreact.

With regard to settlement, Castile's family was awarded $3 million, Reynolds $800 thousand.

Substantially less than was paid out in the shooting death of Justine Damond by Mohamed Noor, but in that case Noor's conviction probably helped increase the settlement.

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