The killing of Breonna Taylor seems like the result of recklessness magnified. On what basis does a judge sign a no-knock warrant because a suspect might have received a package at the location?

& with the suspects already in custody, on what basis did police continue on to Taylor’s residence?

Because her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired at police, however justified his reasons, I doubt the officers will be charged directly in Taylor’s death. They might face negligent homicide charges for initiating the entry. Neighbors attest that they failed to identify themselves. They claim they did. Much will hinge on which side a jury believes.

How Kenneth Walker fares fighting the charge of attempted murder of a police officer will also be interesting. From what I understand, both the Louisville PD union & chief were outraged when a judge allowed Walker out of jail & on home arrest. Clearly they aren’t budging on seeing him charged to the maximum allowable. & from their pov for good reason: if Walker is exonerated that means they failed to identify themselves. They screwed up. Not Walker.

As in the killing of Castile or Walter Scott, the police side can depend on at least one jurer being unable to convict a cop for anything under any circumstances. Meanwhile, if Walker goes to trial for attempted murder, he will almost certainly be convicted—compare the respective fates of Marvin Guy vs. Hank McGee.

None of this really helps Ms. Taylor. One can only hope that some degree of justice accrues for her & her family.

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