This article seems to decry the Golden Rule, which underlays all of human society: the need to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is what permits ordinary day-to-day interaction, not fear of punishment from an angry deity, or even an omnipresent law enforcement.

There is nothing manipulative or false about behaving decently with others & expecting others to behave decently in return. Suppose, for example, I happily give directions to strangers, of either sex, only to be told to “piss off” when I ask a passerby for directions in turn. Will that make me angry? Of course it will.

I’ve been in social situations where the presence of a breathtakingly handsome child-man makes me suddenly invisible. No, I don’t expect decent behavior to win me brownie points, but when I’m shut out by gorgeous men who know damned well they can behave any way they wish, that they can walk away from any relationship leaving their amour’s bank account empty and her urination painful, am I supposed to agree that men just suck?

Would I not feel the same way as a woman constantly eclipsed by pulchritudinous gold-diggers?

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