This was a compelling & well written piece, as usual. It treats some key issues in the ongoing assault on women's right to control their bodies.

But I can't help but note the links in the paragraphs condemning Margaret Sanger as a racist & eugenicist connect to an anti-choice article. Sanger sought to make birth control available to black women as well as those of other races. She collaborated with WEB Du Bois in founding the Harlem Planned Parenthood center.

In 1966 Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. received Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award. Coretta Scott King accepted it on his behalf.

I don't believe Sanger's views on eugenics were racist. She believed poverty was self-perpetuating: Women who couldn't control their fertility & the size of their families repeated the cycles of poverty they grew up in.

The view of Sanger as a proto-Nazi racist eugenicist has been spread by anti-choice groups such as the Family Research Council hoping to vilify Planned Parenthood by attacking its founder. Ironic, given that Sanger herself strongly opposed abortion, hoping contraceptives would obviate the need for it.

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