True. Americans had mixed feelings about the NDSAP. It had, after all, brought Germany out of one of recent history's worst depressions into economic prosperity. A pretty impressive feat. But, as I wrote, anti-semitic laws & regulations were hardly unusual in Europe in the century before the Third Reich.

National Socialism drew from many sources, including the Spanish "pura sangre" movement that began in the late 15th century. It had in common with the US south white supremacy, sure, but focused on German Aryanism.

I appreciate your efforts to call out overly-simplistic primary & secondary school curriculum. You're quite right in that the story is far more than some noble crusade against evil fascism ("premature anti-fascism" i.e. left-wing activism during the 1930s, could still get people in trouble even when the US was engaged in war with the fascist powers). But I would be very cautious at taking Nazi & Fascist leaders at their word when they claim to have been inspired by US law & custom. There was plenty of European racism & anti-semitism already extant to inspire them.

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