Two points I keep seeing repeated by white conservatives re Floyd, both of which are so obviously absurd that one must conclude that only willful blindness is at play here.

First: Floyd allegedly had enough opioid (heroin or fentanyl) in his system to kill "four men". This argument is touted by people who know perfectly well that the human body develops indefinite tolerance to opiates. There is no "enough to kill four men" in a regular user, as Floyd was.

And, of course, nevermind that respiratory suppression from opiate overdose is a gradual process, not something that develops while you're struggling with a man's knee on your posterior neck.

Another is that the restraint Chauvin used is "taught as police academies", so it must have been okay. This time nevermind that neck restraints are regarded by all police depts that still employ them as deadly force, on a level with firearms. In no way would deadly force be justified against an unarmed man who is already handcuffed.

People know this shit. But they tell themselves these stories in order justify & rationalize what Chauvin did to Floyd. Demonizing Floyd is just icing on the cake.

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