Very well written. A balanced & thoughtful perspective, particularly regarding the type of nominee a Trump administration will produce. Lose Kavanaugh & another takes his place.

I also agree that Ford is believable. Kavanaugh, as I understand it, has already told some fibs … & thus is less so.

But, considering the totality of the circumstances — time passed, degrees of inebriation, absence, thus far, of women with similar experiences, a la Cosby/Weinstein … is it possible they’re both telling the truth? That Ford was attacked, by someone she believed was Kavanaugh, but wasn’t?

We can certainly interpret Kavanaugh’s lack of apology as evidence he thought he did nothing wrong, but wouldn’t that also suggest a repeat offender?

I guess the reliability of her identification depends in part on how well they knew one another before/after the incident. But I’ve always understand that in spite of its impact for juries, eye-witness testimony is among the least reliable, most changeable forms of evidence. Not so much regarding what happened, but who did it.

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