Well done. I attended a Herbalife "seminar" in the mid-80s, obviously well pre-Internet. Dim as I was then I could see the only people who made money were those who sold sales packages to those they recruited. I remember my contact there just wouldn't give up. He kept calling me: "Don't you want to lose weight? Don't you know people who want to lose weight? Who doesn't want to lose weight?"

And so on...

"Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How" was the catchphrase they used then. Their corporate office was just off the 405 in West LA.

So hard to believe they're still operating, & in fact, have expanded internationally. Especially after founder Mark Hughes's death at age 44 in 2000. Wasn't it all supposed to be about health & longevity?

I'd be furious if anyone put a Herbalife product in any beverage without my knowledge or consent. Thanks for writing this.

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