Well done. As someone who’s worked many night shifts, been out late on the streets of LA & NYC, this strikes me as good, common sense & basic courtesy. Crossing the street, or pausing to let the other person move further away, etc., quite right. Furthermore, it really applies to anyone walking alone at night, not just women.

One small criticism….

“If this makes you, as a man, angry, take it up with other men.”

I would not have included this, because it is the response right wing types typically offer when asked, How would you feel, were you a law-abiding Black or person of color who is constantly stopped & frisked by police for PC based entirely on your skin color?

Their stock answer: I would tell my peers to stop committing crimes & to become productive members of society.

Honestly, I know how easy it is to sit back & criticize someone else’s efforts, but you see the defensiveness a piece such as this prompts. Suppose instead we generalize the issue a bit? After all, I’m a big guy, & I know perfectly well that I have advantages that women, & small men don’t have when out alone. But still, at night it’s not always easy to tell if the person walking behind you is male or female, & certainly not what his or her intentions are. So would a piece about general, urban etiquette, irrespective of gender, be more effective?

Some might say, Unfair! Women don’t mug & rape & harass strangers at night!

Well, that’s not completely true, at least not re the first. I have known of female crews who bragged about “rolling fags” in Hollywood back in the day. But, more importantly, is the priority here to be correct, or to reach hearts & minds?

Otherwise, great piece.

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