Well done. I think your analysis of Greyhound is spot on, particularly as concerns Hanks.

I know many thing Forrest Gump is an ode to Reagan-era conformity. Perhaps so. But I've always quite liked it. Hanks's reaction when Forrest learns he has a son is a priceless bit of cinema.

A League Of Their Own his best film?


It's not anybody's best film. It's weak & highly formulaic—recall Madonna's character & the stunned priest at confession? Though I admit I thought the scene where the woman couldn't find her name because she couldn't read was handled well.

I don't know if people will forget WWII, but I do think it's righteousness is vulnerable to revision. Witness Pat Buchannan's well-written, but ultimately specious analysis in Churchill, Hitler & The Unnecessary War. It's perhaps just a start.

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