Well written & provocative. Sure, there are some obvious choices here: Lawrence of Arabia, 2001, North By Northwest. But also some interesting ones. Esp: Close Encounters, The Searchers & Apocalypse Now! Re the last, I've seen it on the big screen several times. But by the time Redux came out, I only had a fairly small screen to rely on. Perhaps that's why Redux feels overlong & self-indulgent—did Coppola put the plantation scenes in because they cost so damned much to shoot & they're part of the journey into Vietnam's history theme, regardless of their impact on the film's pacing?

Perhaps I'll feel differently if I see it on the widescreen.

Alas, that's unlikely. I was born & raised in LA, then moved to NYC in my mid-thirties. So I've always had access to revival theaters. Now I live in rural Upstate. No more.

I wonder, how to 65 - 75" TVs compare regarding compression, etc.?

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