Whitesplain much, Kevin?

No. Sorry. That's unkind & condescending. Your comments are well-written & well thought out. I can't possibly address them all here. But a few stood out to me.

MLK, Jr. White conservatives reach for him like a talisman that renders everyone in the room momentarily colorblind. You say he united Americans like no one else. It's probably safe to say that during his lifetime he united white Americans in their disdain & disapproval of him. I'm old enough to remember white liberals wondering why did he have to stir the

Blacks up? Hadn't they been content, quiescent enough?

Someone, after all, had to sit in the back of the bus.

And it was only going to get worse, because King realized that the voting rights legislation, however successfully implemented, was not enough. Capitalism had outlived its usefulness, he wrote to Corretta, later endorsing what we call Democratic Socialism today. This was not likely to endear him to more white Americans.

Honestly, Barack Obama was the target of a great deal of critcism during & after his administration, some of race-based, I'm sure. Much of it, however, Republican-based. Of course the opposition critiques when out of power. It's very hard for me to believe that you couldn't get a word in edgewise without being accused of racism.

But, okay, that's your experience. Not mine.

Arguing that Black-on-Black crime is deadlier than rogue cops might not be intentionally racist, but it's a massive "so what?" Suicide is far deadlier to the American people as a whole than murder. But should we not seek to prosecute murderers? Just so it is with police violence. Officer Chauvin rode George Floyd's neck, hands in pockets, like a man waiting in line for matinee tickets. Witnesses made videos, warned him the man would suffocate .... no problem. Has he not heard of Eric Garner & now former NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo? Evidently not.

How many ghetto murderers perform casually in public, allowing themsevles to be filmed? How many remain on the public payroll, exerting state-sanctioned authority over their fellow citizens?

This is why talking about Black-on-Black violence is seen as obstructionist, off-topic & yes, ultimately racist. It's a problem, yes. But it's a different problem.

You ask why not allow the system to self-correct. Would that entail civilian law enforcement demilitarizing? Returning all that 1033 gear for credit? It seems as though they might have lost the receipt.

What about the investigation of police-involved shootings & other uses of force? Is it reasonable to expect an organization to police itself fairly & objectively? How can anyone who isn't directly involved in law enforcement oppose that? Many of the most outrageous incidents don't even involve white officers vs Black suspects. Take an example, look up the shooting of John Loxas in Scottsdale 2012. Yeah, the department retired the Quick-Draw McGraw in that case, but that he's not in prison should outrage the conscience of every American.

Shortly after the killing of George Floyd made headlines, some conservatives pointed to the death of Tony Timpa, a white man who had called for help due to ongoing mental health issues. When officers arrived, Timpa was already handcuffed. Nevertheless, they put him prone with a knee on his back, ignoring his pleas while they made jokes. 14 minutes later Timpa was dead. A judge threw out the family's excessive force suit because the officers are protected by qualified immunity.

I've never understood why conservatives feel themselves morally superior to BLM because they're too lazy or indifferent to protest.

Incidents such as these happen way too often with mental health emergencies. Daniel Prude is another, more recent, example.

Some years ago California had initiated a statewide Psychiatric Emergency Team system, to provide authorities with an alternative to armed police. Eventually it was discontinued due to lack of funding. Law enforecement, of course, is always funded.

I've worked in psychiatric facilities, & I know exactly how difficult it can be to safely restrain someone in the throes of a crisis, drug reaction or acute psychotic episode. Nevertheless we managed, without firearms, nightsticks, pepperspray, tasers, handcuffs, saps or chokeholds.

How does any of the above self-correct?

BLM is calling for a reduction in funding law enforcement in order to provide alternatives for mental health & drug emergencies; they're seeking to end or modify qualified immunity, & they call for outside agencies to investigate uses of force by police.

How is any of that objectionable, really? How does any of that interfere with the Dream?

The destruction of property, of businesses is hard to stomach, yes. But without it, would anyone listen? Would anyone act?

Do some activists go further? Sure. But no one gets everthing they want in this world. If we know nothing else, we know that.

Finally, the issue of being thought racist because of your skin color. Yeah. That stings. But it's nothing new. People who write on Medium & similar sites that all white people are racist are just giving voice to what they've always believed, based in some instances on experience, in others just bias. But I mean, so what? People believe all kinds of strange shit. I know many, many Jews who believe that there are two kinds of Black people: those who are open about their anti-Semitism, & those who haven't yet unleashed the hound. Let someone in BLM mention Palestine, & there you go! Smoking gun. They'll be carousing with Farrakhan next.

Again, so what? We can't control how others feel about us. We can only control what we ourselves do.

LA born & raised, now I live upstate. I hate snow. I write on healthcare, politics & history. Hobbies are woodworking & singing Xmas carols with nonsense lyrics

LA born & raised, now I live upstate. I hate snow. I write on healthcare, politics & history. Hobbies are woodworking & singing Xmas carols with nonsense lyrics