Why will smart investors put their money into Bitcoin? Because some of those already in believe it will peak beyond $100,000 eventually? It standsa to reason that people already invested in Bitcoin believe it will continue to rise, otherwise why invest at all?

Also not clear, from the article, how Bitcoin will change the world. One might infer the author believes it to be a stabler financial instrument than any offered by the institutions that led us willy nilly into the '08 meltdown. But that's not clear.

It's great that folks can, evidently, buy an OS, a mocha frappicino & season tickets with their Bitcoins, but how does the process work? How are bitcoins spent? And if Bitcoins are digital, what's to prevent a holder from spending the same Bitcoin over & over & over (I know, the miners who are being paid less, but you wouldn't know that from reading the article).

Sorry, but this piece raises more questions than it answers. Most importantly, it fails to inspire confidence in Bitcoin as a solid investment.

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