You argue, correctly, that Trump scored a higher percentage of votes from white women, 3%, I believe, ignoring the concommit fact that he lost 5% among white men. That more people voted for Trump than any President in US history is troubling. Yes. But that more still, by about 5 1/2 million, voted for Biden/Harris is encouraging.

Is that latter all due to the efforts of POC? I'm not sure. It was already pointed out that Trump's share of Black male voters increased. I believe he also increased his share of Latinx votes, which is more baffling still, given that he went beyond implication in calling out Latinos for discrimination.

We should be grateful that Black women weren't buying into the Trumpian swagger. I'm not certain about other women of color.

What I do know is that inevitability of defeat has put Trump into a tailspin where he hides out, completely destroying any residual credibility he might have as a leader, save among the most rabid of MAGA heads.

Sorry, but when all is said & done this essay reads like the ultimate glass-half-empty pov.