You know, the above could so easily be high-falootin bullshit in anybody else's hands, but you've nailed it here. I don't see how anyone could dislike Pulp Fiction ('cept my wife who doesn't like violent films, but even she loved Once Upon A Time in Hollywood).

I like Tarantino, abrasiveness notwithstanding, because he's such an advocate for making films in & about Los Angeles. I grew up taking it for granted that nearly TV shows & films would have exteriors familiar to me. Now that's long-past changing. And really it's just technology, & the sophistication of viewers who will no longer accept Angeles Crest for say SE Asia. As Lazlo Kovacks says "Because no one is to blame, I do not demand an explanation." But it's nice that Tarantino pushes back just a bit.

You're really getting good at this. Great strategy for a Medium series.